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Our Custom Wine process

Get together with family and friends to make that wine for next Christmas!
Ever wonder how wine is made? Now you can be the winemaker and find out! Our process is no different than any other quality winery throughout the world. However, we don't grow our own grapes. Instead, we buy crushed grapes (called 'must') from quality grape vineyards around the globe, including California, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Chile, Argentina and other notable wine-growing regions. Wherever the best grapes are - we are!

Each batch makes about 29 bottles of wine and takes between five and seven weeks. Here's how it works after you've chosen your wine: (How do you choose? By tasting what is available of course!)

Day 1 - You*
Along with our winemaker, prepare the grape must & sprinkle the yeast on top.  This is quick and simple! This is when you will begin to design your custom label as well.
Day 14 - Our winemaker transfers your wine to another container to finish fermentation. Any other necessary steps in the process are handled by our staff during this time.
Day 28 - Our winemaker stabilizes, clarifies and filters your wine.
We call you to set an appointment to come back to the winery and finish the process.
Day 50 - Bottling Party!
You and your guest bottle, cork, label and take home your custom wine! (Tasting it along the way of course!)

It's fun and easy. Bring a date. Bring your family. Bring your friends and co-workers. This will be an outing that you won't soon forget and you will have your own wine to prove you're a winemaker.
What a great way to commemorate your wedding, anniversary or birthday! Family & friends will all love getting a personal gift just from you! How about putting your company logo on the bottle and use as corporate gifts?
What are you waiting for?  /contactus.aspx

*The team at Yuma's Main Squeeze is always there to assist you !

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